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Will European Ski Resorts be open for Winter 2021/22?

Are we actually going to be able to Ski this winter?

The vast majority of us haven't set foot in a Ski Resort for over a year now. Most European Ski Lifts remained motionless last winter as a result of further waves of the virus and continued lockdowns. Touring up the mountain became the new norm and news announcements were eagerly awaited. Many were optimistic of restrictions being lifted, but it was only in May that many EU leaders announced that Ski Resorts would be able to operate again. This was too-little-too-late for many, but there are some Glaciers that will be opening this summer and things are looking positive for next winter!

This article from Snow Forecast details the latest announcements of which resorts are currently open and is regularly updated:


Summer skiing is definitely worth a try if you're missing the mountains and care to be reminded of how important it is to get in gym to train your legs before a trip- especially as conditions get pretty slushy in the afternoons!

Some businesses have rolled over bookings made for last winter to this one. There have been some businesses that have been casualties of the pandemic and Brexit, but the vast majority were able to make it through and it is really important that we help them to get back on their feet! If possible, reschedule your reservations rather than cancel. Make sure that your insurance covers you for cancellations related to Covid-19 too. Many package holidays are now covering it, but independent travel insurance doesn't necessarily do the same so double check before completing any new bookings.

Summer Skiing in Val d'Isère and Tignes

Val d'Isère has yet to make the purchase of passes for next winter available through their website, but info about their Summer activities and Covid safety can be found here:


You can purchase a Ski Pass for Summer in Tignes here:


Note that you must wear a face mask in the queues at lifts and for the duration of the lift journey, A neck warmer or scarf pulled over your face in not considered sufficient.

There's also Hiking and Biking to enjoy the mountains in summer! I love renting an E-Bike and spending the whole day exploring and seeing the pistes without snow. The landscape is absolutely stunning and a definite bucket list addition if you've never tried it before.

Of course, much like none of us predicted this pandemic, we can't say with 100% confidence that the resorts will definitely be open next winter season... but it is looking pretty likely! No one can predict what next winter will look like for the Ski Industry. Different variants emerging and leading to the reintroduction of restrictions seems to be the biggest concern for the Tourism Industry, but the rate of vaccinations and travel starting again makes us hopeful. Tag us in your summer skiing posts on Social Media!

*Please note, this is an opinion based article. Ensure that any bookings that you make are covered by insurance for cancellation due to Covid-19 or other circumstances. The Rise Guide takes no responsibility for any inaccurate or changes to information.