• Megan

Weekly Roundup: Sandstorm, Slides & Sustainability

I thought that I would do something a bit different this week and roundup a few stories from the last few days! We've done quite a few posts about the Pandemic affecting the season but there are other things going on in Ski Resorts other than Covid which are far more fun to talk about. Send us a message on instagram (@theriseguide) if you're a fan of this format and I will keep it going!

Avalanche Risk

With the absolutely enormous dump of snow that the Alps has seen recently, followed by warm temperatures, the Avalanche Risk is super high. With so many people Ski Touring and Mountain Rescue/Piste Patrol not fully operational in most resorts, this adds up to a dangerous situation.

When the snow was coming down thick and fast, Val d'Isère was largely closed down and people were (again) encouraged to stay at home. On the road between Val d'Isère and Le Fornet, there was a large slide which swept up a pickup truck leaving it upside down and half buried in the river.

Above: Xavier de la Rue Posted this photo from Verbier this week. Check out the fractures on the face behind him.

Avalanches on the mountains are a problem, but they also pose a risk when travelling at village level. The warm weather causes wet snow slides which is affecting the roads.

Always check the local news (radio is best) before travelling in order to make sure that roads are open and it's safe to take them.

Sahara Skies

An amazing weather situation occurred in the Alps this week with Sahara Sands being swept up on the wind and carried to the skies of the mountains. There were some incredible Instagram Stories circulating on Saturday, showing the orange tinted sky.

It's not the first time we are seeing a Sand Storm in a ski resort, but it's pretty mind blowing! All photos have no filter.


On the Ski Sunday blog post, I mentioned that I follow Chemmy Alcott and this week I saw her stories about the launch of Eco Ski. Their mission is to make it easy for eco-conscious skiers to connect with sustainable and ethical brands when purchasing their Apparel and equipment for snowsports. I absolutely love this concept and will be checking it out for everything that I can't get from Planks!

French School Holidays

It was announced this week that there would not be another Lockdown in France (phew), however the ski lifts are still not allowed to turn. This won't stop many heading to the mountains to enjoy other activities and provide some welcome income for the businesses that are able to open (Accommodations, Take Away for Restaurants, Essential Shops like Supermarkets and a few others). On Saturday 17,000 cars were expected on the roads between Albertville and Moutiers- one of the main routes to the Ski Resorts.

Hopefully all of the tourists respect the Social Distancing and Hygiene rules so that the hard work that the mountain communities have done to control the spread of the virus isn't affected. Tourism Office staff have reportedly taken on the responsibility of speaking to tourists to inform them that masks must be worn at all times which is very impressive!


Some Italian Resorts will soon be opening (in Yellow zones), joining some of the Austrian & Swiss Resorts that have been open for a while. They are only to be enjoyed by locals though. Travel restrictions remain tight and the new hotel quarantine for UK travellers looks like it will be coming into force from the 15th.

I hope that you're making the most of the mountains if you are lucky enough to be in a resort and keep safe from the Avalanches by staying informed of the safety advice. If you're not in a Ski Resort, then have a great weekend and don't forget that Ski Sunday is on BBC Two tonight so that you can get your snow fix!