• Megan

This one time that I designed a snowboard...

Updated: May 24, 2021

On my second winter season in Soll (found in the SkiWelt or Austria) I was working behind the bar at the Red Horse when I met a fun group of guys who had just arrived in the resort for the first time. They asked for recommendations for places to ride and after being a Mountain Guide the season before, I offered to meet them the next morning to show them around. I didn't realise at the time that they were the guys behind Love Inc Snowboarding.

We had a great day exploring the mountain before I had to get back to the village to work at Apres Ski. The guys had a fun week and then we stayed in touch over Facebook. In the following years, we would message each winter and they were so generous in sending me some products! Their slogan is 'Skiing is a Bit Shit', which always turns a few heads.

As I said, we stayed in contact over Facebook and the guys saw me posting some pictures of my amateur artwork. They messaged me and asked if I would be able to draw a graphic for a collab that they had planned with Douk Snowboards. The brief consisted of an idea that they'd had one night on a Snowboarding trip in Canada. I will let you guess what the story was when you see the finished design!

Being an amateur, I didn't know the first thing about graphic design and had no idea how to create digital artwork. I'm never one to turn down an opportunity, though, and came up with my own 'solution'. I taped together some pieces of paper to the size of the snowboard and hand drew the design onto it. I then rolled it up into a postage tube and sent it to the snowboard factory. I'm happy to say that it worked and they scanned the design in at Douk.

They were generous enough to send me the first board! Unfortunately, when I had all of my stuff shipped from Austria to France a few years ago half of it was lost.... including my board bag. I had some really fun rides on it while I had it and was so grateful to be asked to do the project with the Love Inc Team.

Check out Love Inc snowboards here- their gloves are absolutely amazing!


Check out Douk here, they make handcrafted Snowboards in the UK: