• Megan

Ski Sunday is back!

For those of us who are not currently able to enjoy the mountains in person, you can get your alpine fix this evening with the return of Ski Sunday on BBC Two at 18:15.

The return of the series is a welcome reason to smile after the unfortunate news of the French governments announcement of a further delay on the decision of whether or not to open the Ski Resorts. The authorities have stated that they will be announcing the plan of action on the 20th January- not leaving much time for businesses to prepare and staff themselves for the February school holidays. We, at The Rise Guide, are sending our love and support to all of the business owners in the Ski Industry who are still battling through this tough time.

For everyone who wishes to be in the Ski Resorts, you can get a look at the snow we're missing out on in tonight's show.

The BBC says:

Ski Sunday returns for 2021 with a season like never before. The World Cup races go ahead without the usual throngs of fans, but the spectacle and challenge remain.

We start with an exciting double-header of races from Austria and Switzerland. Then there’s speed in the form of the women’s downhill from St Anton, the birthplace of alpine racing. And there’s skill as the world’s best slalom racers, including Britain’s Dave Ryding, take on the famous Kuonisbergli piste in the Swiss resort of Adelboden.

I've been following the legendary Chemmy Alcott (@chemmyski), who is one of the show's presenters, on Instagram for a while now and her stories have been teasing at the new series. I was super excited to see the ad for the first episode and will definitely be tuning in this evening to mentally teleport myself to the snow!

Ski Sunday has been around since 1978, documenting all aspects of the Ski Industry to a British audience and has played a big part in cultivating the UK's passion for snow sports. While it covers the competitive side of winter sports, it also has a magazine style format which digs deeper into the lifestyle side of things. I think that this prime time TV show has been the inspiration for so many people to try skiing and the Ski Industry owes it a Vin Chaud, or two, for that.

Another notable thing about the show is the theme song! It has barely changed since the show first came out and is instantly recognisable to the majority of UK Skiers. I've heard it remixed at an Apres Ski bar before and the reaction it got from the crowd was amazing. This isn't the exact version that I heard, but it's pretty funny!

If you're out in the mountains, stay safe and enjoy yourself! If you not so lucky, then get cozy on the sofa tonight and enjoy Ski Sunday. I might even wear some base layers to really get into the spirit of it.