• Megan

Seasonaire Diaries

I've got so many memories from doing Winter Seasons in Austria, Italy and France but have always been a bit rubbish about documenting them. That is... until now.

During the Winter Season of 2019/20, when I was working in Val d'Isère d'Isère, I decided to change my ways and start filming the experience. Recounting Season stories is a favourite past time of those who have experienced the incredible journey that is a Winter working in a Ski Resort. Telling stories is all well and good, but what's better? Showing them, of course!

I made it a mission to film and document as much of the season as I had time for. Balancing a demanding job with Snowboarding, leading a healthy lifestyle and trying to made the most of being a Seasonaire meant that I was pretty time poor. However, I managed to capture quite a lot on camera and have made a few edits during Lockdown to share the experience. They are up on my Youtube and I will be posting more soon! With everything that has changed this year, it has definitely been Bittersweet to watch back over all of the videos but I'm so grateful to have them.

It gives a bit of an insight into Seasonaire life in Val d'Isère and I'm more than happy to answer any questions that you have if you are thinking of doing a Season!

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Here are a few of the Vlogs that I've created so far...