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Sasha's Season Set-up

What’s up everyone! I am Sasha and I have been snowboarding since I was around 8 years old and absolutely love this sport. My favourite thing about snowboarding is the times when you get together with some friends on a bluebird day and just shred together, whether it is on the piste, park or in the backcountry. As soon as the run is done and you need to get the lift, you get on all together and just share some good vibes around. Those days are unbeatable! I have lived in a French ski resort called Val d’Isere for the past couple of years and it is where I will be spending yet another winter this year. I absolutely love the place! I got my BASI Snowboarding level 2 qualification there and was going to go for level 3 but then decided to follow another path. Now enough about me! Let’s get into the fun stuff, my setup for the season!

This winter season, the season 20/21, is going to be an interesting one to say the least! With Covid putting a damper on things and social distancing measures in place, we are still yet to see what ski resorts will look like. However I am as excited as ever for the lifts to open! With the season being cut short last year, I am roaring to strap my board on and get shredding. Here is a brief rundown of what I will be riding on this winter:


I am not looking to change my board this year. This is because I got a new one last season and then the winter was cut short, so it didn’t get used too much. The board I got last season was a Bataleon Evil Twin. I had a lot of fun on this board in the short time that I got to ride it. I tend to do quite a lot of park riding and then jibbing around the mountain and this board lets me do it all. It is not that stiff (5/10 on the Bataleon website) but is still extremely poppy for when you want to get that extra bit of height in your Ollies. It is also a fully twin board- meaning that the feeling you get when riding your normal stance and switch stance feels identical- making it a perfect park/all mountain board. The technologies in the board (Triple Base Technology or the ‘TBT’, as Bataleon like to call it, and the Side Kick Technology) make the board stable on the landings but also extremely smooth and forgiving when the landings are not that perfect. I am riding the 156W model due to having large bindings, which helps reduce the toe drag so I can get those super sick Eurocarves.

As well as The Evil Twin, I have the Capita Spring Break Slush Slasher in my quiver. This board is just all round fun; whether you want to use it on a deep powder day to drop some pillows, or on a spring day to use that width of the nose and the stiffness of the board to slice through the snow and show off your carving skills. I went for the 151 model and even though it sounds very short for a powder board, trust me, it floats like a boat. Overall it is a very rad board, even though it takes some time to adjust yourself to having absolutely no tail.


Now this was a tough one. I have been using the Burton Genesis bindings for the past 3 or 4 years and they have been absolutely destroyed in that time. They have been great for me though as they are light and very flexible, making them great for riding the park and needing less weight but flexibility on the landings. They are also very sturdy, allowing for those hard impacts on rock solid landings. Another feature that I really like that is very subtle is the bending plastic on the ankle, which Burton call the ‘Hammockstrap’. It makes putting bindings on so much easier and prevents the Ankle Slider from tearing. It is a small, unnoticeable feature but just makes life so much easier. For this reason Burton Genesis have been a very strong contender to be the bindings that I look at getting for this upcoming season. At the same time, I keep hearing about the functionality and playfulness of the Switchback bindings and have been considering getting them for a while but just have not had a chance to use them yet. Maybe this winter it will be possible to have a go at them. So in the end, I am going with the new model of the Burton Genesis as my go-to bindings.


Boots are also a very tough choice. I managed to get myself a pair of Nike Snowboard boots (can not for the life of me remember the model) years ago and have been using them for the past 4 years now. They have absolutely moulded to my feet and are extremely comfortable. They are stiff enough that I have all the movement I need exactly how I need it but personally I prefer boots that are on the softer side and these Nike boots provide exactly that! They can easily support you for any of your riding needs and even be just as comfortable after riding when you are popping to a local apres-ski to meet up with some friends and chat about the sick day of shredding you just had. However this poses a problem. I am not able to part myself with these shoes and am struggling to find a replacement for them, which puts me at a crossroads of not knowing where to go next. So if anyone has suggestions, please put them in the comments below and I will be excited to hear what you guys have to say!

Hope you have enjoyed my breakdown on my setup for this upcoming winter! Let me know if you have ever tried any of these items before or if you have any other suggestions or comments! This setup is available for purchase here:

Bataleon Evil Twin -

Capita Spring Break Slush Slasher -

Burton Genesis Bindings -