• Megan

Reframing the News about the Winter Season in France

With President Macron’s latest announcement, many French Ski Resorts have no choice but to delay their opening weekend. After the announcement on Wednesday night, my phone lit up with messages from friends who work in the Ski Industry who quickly realised the impact that this was going to have on them and there were group chats of Seasonaires rallying together. 

Not only was the winter cut short in spring, resulting in significant loss of income for those whose main income is seasonal, but now it looks like the start of the coming season is going to be affected too. Opening weekend is a big deal for many resorts so it’s a huge blow to the industry for it to be indefinitely postponed. This is a scary time for both individuals and businesses so keeping both feet on the ground and a positive, yet realistic, perspective is important.

So what is ‘Reframing’? 

It’s essentially looking at a situation in a different way. Imagine that instead of being in the thick of a situation, you go up to a balcony and observe it from above. You have a different perspective and can think about it in a different way. You’re able to collect your thoughts and think more analytically about the whole thing- rather than have judgement clouded by emotion. If you apply this to the situation that the Ski Industry faces at the moment- arguably a very intense and chaotic one- then you could maybe reframe it in the following ways:

• There’s more time to reflect on previous seasons. What went well, what didn’t and how can you improve? There’s the time and opportunity to review and plan ahead for when the season does eventually start.

• Physically prepare yourself! There’s lots of training that you can do at home to build muscle that will help your stamina on the mountain. 

• ’Comparison is the thief of joy’ so I wouldn’t recommend that you spend too much of your time thinking about the situation of others. However it can help to give some perspective when you’re in a dark place as there’s always something that you have that others don’t.

• When the Winter Season does eventually start, you’ll be so excited that you’ll appreciate it more than you ever have before.

• You have to go with the flow as the situation is out of your hands. Learn to let go rather than resent and fight the situation and put your energy into more positive & productive things. Energy in = energy out, so choose whether your spend it positively or negatively.

How would you ‘Reframe’ it?

I do appreciate that some people have been put into incredibly difficult situations and this article is not intended to disregard that. We are all fighting our own battles. It simply meant to help and give another tool to those who have been affected by the recent news. Sending love and support to everyone. 

That first ride down the mountain will be worth the wait.