• Megan

Preparation & Recovery: Yoga

A good day on the mountain could be a GREAT day on the mountains with the right preparation. In addition, future 'great' mountain days can be ensured by taking the time to properly recover and take care of your muscles, joints and mind.

I've been practising yoga a few times a week for the last couple of years and am so grateful for the physical transformation is has made. From the tiny muscles that get trained, to the mental training and understanding the power of the breath- it all transfers to the mountain. Therefore after a day on the hill, I recommend taking the time (before you change out of your conveniently stretchy base layers) to do some mindful movement. You can also improve your flexibility and mind/body connection (ask pro athletes what I'm talking about) in the prep time before you get to the snow.

I also credit Yoga for rehabilitation from several injuries that I've got from Snowboarding. At the start of last year is dislocated my shoulder and not long after, the world went into lockdown. I couldn't go to a Physio or the gym... not ideal. In just a few months I went from not being able to lift my arm above shoulder level to a full range of movement and stronger than before, purely from consistently practising yoga at home.

Below I'm going to list a few sources of guidance for anyone who is new to Yoga or would like some inspiration. Do not be intimidated by Yoga- you don't need to be flexible- it's all about your personal experience.


On Youtube: Yoga with Adriene

Adriene is one of the OG Youtube Yogis. Her classes have variety in both content and length so you're sure to find something that fits your needs, whether its a Full Practise or a quick 10 mins. She is amazing at explaining everything in detail so if you're a beginner, start here!


There are so many Apres Ski specific Yoga classes on Youtube too! Just do a search and you'll find tonnes. Different people resonate with different teachers so try a few out before writing it off!


On Instagram: @roseyposeyyogi

Rose has been teaching Yoga in Val d'Isère for several years so there are few more knowledgeable & experienced in Snow + Yoga. I love her classes so much. Head over to her instagram and click on IGTV to try some of her classes.


On Pinterest

There are so many ideas on Pinterest! Just search for 'Ski Yoga', or something similar, for lots of tips. This one is great if you don't have internet in your Accommodation (sounds strange, but it happens more than you'd think) as you can download images to save on your phone to scroll through when you need them. Here's an example from Pinterest:


No excuses! Stick with it for a few weeks and it might take a little while to feel a significant difference.