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Planks Haul

A few weeks before the second ‘Confinement’ (lockdown) came into force in France, we were able to drive from Annecy up to Tignes and stopped off at the Planks shop. They had some amazing deals so we picked up some new pieces for winter and thought that we would share them with you.

Planks is one of our absolute favourite Brands. From the story of the brand starting with the founder, Jim, selling t-shirts out of the back of his car during winter seasons to their slogan of ‘Drop Cliffs not Bombs’, this is a company to get behind. They have great style, are powered by a passion for the mountains and their design is based on functionality. Not many Brands are able to design products that are both functional and look so damn good!

So here’s a look at some of the pieces that we picked up and we’ve linked the ones that are still available in case you want to pick them up for yourself! We’re hoping that we’ll be able to enjoy using them on snow soon, but one of the great things about Planks is that their styles look great off the mountain too. For now, we'll just be wearing them in the garden and on our walks around Annecy until the Confinement is over!

Sasha’s Jacket: https://www.planksclothing.com/collections/men-jackets/products/aw20-mens-feel-good-insulated-jacket-black

S: I like that this jacket is lightweight and waterproof. It will be super versatile for different times throughout the season.

Sasha wears a Hood/Mask and Beanie, check your local Planks store for availability

S: The Face Mask is built into the hood so that you only have to remember one thing when leaving the house to go riding- super good!

Megan’s Jacket: 


M: I've worn this jacket pretty much every day since I got it! I got it in a Small as it's a Mens Jacket. It's quite longline on me, which I really like. When it's zipped up it goes over my chin which will be really great on windy snow days! It's lightweight and the perfect thickness. All of the pockets zip up too which is so good for when you are riding or even just walking around.

Megan’s Sweatshirt: https://www.planksclothing.com/collections/old-school/products/ml-mens-drop-cliffs-crew-sports-grey

M: I absolutely love this sweatshirt. It's going to be great for layering but I've also been wearing it when I'm doing Yoga and chilling out. Drop Cliffs Not Bombs!

Sasha’s Hoodie: https://www.planksclothing.com/collections/old-school/products/aw19-mens-parkside-soft-shell-riding-hood-sports-grey

S: I got this Hoodie because I borrowed Megan's black version last season and loved it. The soft-shell material keeps your warm and waterproofed while riding. I really like the design details like the zip front pocket and the neck protector.

Megan’s Hoodie: https://www.planksclothing.com/collections/women-hoodies-crews/products/aw20-womens-peace-double-hoodie-black

M: I don't normally wear much colour but Planks Pink is an exception! This hoodie is nice and thick- I like that it's not too stretchy as it feels like good quality. The way that the neckline sits when the hood is down is so unique and a big reason for why got it.

Accessories: https://www.planksclothing.com/collections/accessories


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