• Sasha

My Favourite Places to Chill in Val d'Isere

In a ski resort like Val d’Isere it is often difficult to find some peace and quiet due to how busy the place is. You have so many things to do, so many people around you and you are always busy doing something. However, it is also good to sometimes take a step back and just chill out. In this blog post, I will go through some of my favourite things to do when you just want to relax and take it easy.

Arctic Juice & Café

Arctic is definitely at the top of my list when it comes to places where you want to chill out. They provide a great selection of coffees and juices along with healthy food options that you can either eat there (on a normal season) or takeaway. The staff are always friendly and create a great atmosphere for the customers. I love going there after a long day riding as you can fuel up and have a post shred coffee, which always gets rid of all your tiredness and helps you feel much better. Personal favourites are ‘Kilimanjaro Wrap’, which is a tuna and avocado wrap with some salad and mayo. As for coffee, I go for the Cappuccino with some Oat Milk. This combo never fails me.

Centre Aquasportif

Centre Aquasportif is where the gym, pool and other sports activities are located. On the days when you are not up the mountain and riding, you can always go there and hit the gym in order to stay fit but on the days when you had a long day riding you can visit the pool and spa instead. The pool area consists of a relaxing pool with various jacuzzis in the middle and a 25m2 pool where you can practice swimming in lanes. Spa area consists of a traditional sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and other features that will help you get relaxed and feeling fresh for the next day.

The Bar at Le Blizzard

In the evenings, you can choose to go for a nice and relaxing drink. If this is something that you are searching for, go no further than the Bar at the famous hotel Le Blizzard. With its cozy interior and great cocktails provided by the skilled team under supervision from David, a barman who has run this exact bar for as long as I can remember, you are always in great hands. It does get busier as clients finish having dinner and move to the bar but you can still always find a spot away from everyone else and enjoy a drink in a more of a private atmosphere. The music is always very tranquil and adds to the cozy vibe that the bar is striving to provide. However be prepared to pay a little more than most other bars as the cocktails come at a premium. My personal favourite order from there is a ‘Bloody Mary’, which can either be made spicy or mild, just as you prefer.

A Quaint Walk around the Old Town

Walking around the old town is always nice. Even after all the time that I have spent in the resort, I still like going there and just walking around as you get a proper feeling of being in a ski resort. All the architecture in that part of town is very fitting to what you would expect when coming to a ski resort and when it snows it just becomes magical. It is normally a lot quieter than the centre of town as there are not many apartment complexes there and so when walking around you can always find yourself being alone in the middle of the history of the town. In that part of town, you can also find some hidden local restaurants that serve all of the local cuisine that you can imagine at great prices.