• Sasha

Music for the Mountain

For me, Music is an essential part of doing various activities. Whether it is walking around town or snowboarding, I always love to have my headphones plugged in and listening to my music. The style of music changes hourly and it all depends on my vibe. In this post I will talk about some of the songs that I love to listen to while riding.

The vibe depends on many things. It could be the weather, the crew that I am riding with, the plan for the day, etc. For example on a bluebird park day, I like my music to be quite upbeat and fast with a lot of lyrics. It helps distract me from getting nervous when on the lift but still be pumped when getting ready to try new tricks. Hip-hop songs work very well for me in those situations. In contrast, on a bluebird day when there is a big group of people just riding around and having fun, some funky house is all I need. I can sing along, be loose and just have the biggest smile on my face, bringing everyone’s mood up!

In my first playlist for TRG, I will select some of my favourite tracks that belong to the first category. I have curated this playlist in order to help people get motivated to push their boundaries step by step.