• Megan

Mountains FOMO

Our regular readers will have seen Sasha's post from a few days ago, saying that he was planning on driving out to the Alps. Well, he got his Negative Covid-19 test result and booked the Eurotunnel for the next day! Quick maths: he drove from London to the mountains today. From what I hear it was a smooth journey but he will give a more detailed update later this week.

For those of us who aren't fortunate enough to be heading to the snow any time soon, here's my list of tips to keep you motivated and be prepared for when the day (finally) comes!

  1. Work on your Ski/Snowboard fitness

You can use your workout time to train muscle groups specific for skiing/snowboarding, as well as Cardio training for stamina. Due to the high altitude, those with poor Cardio conditioning will tire faster than those who train themselves! Optimise yourself for your time in the mountains by coming up with a training programme. A quick google/pinterest search will give you some ideas as well as there being tonnes of workouts on YouTube. I really like this one by two of the loveliest ladies in the Industry; Aimee Fuller & Chemmy Alcott.

2. Organise your Winter Wardrobe

Have you been wearing the same stuff for many seasons and it could do with a fresh coat of water-repellent stuff (if washes out/wears off over time)? Have you had the same socks for many seasons and always get cold toes, but forget to get some new socks once your home? Are your goggle lenses scratched as hell and in need of replacing? Get all of these little jobs done now so that you're prepped to the max for your next trip!

• Here is a useful blog post on how to re-waterproof your Technical Clothing:


• Stance socks are always a winner and they have a lot on Sale at the moment:


• Search the make and model of your goggles and you'll find Lens suppliers- usually directly on the brand's website. Be aware that not all lenses fit all frames! Alternatively pop into your local Ski Shop and they'll probably be able to order some in for you. If you end up buying new goggles, consider donating your old ones to Goggles for Docs.

• If you need some new Clothing, Planks have got an amazing Sale on at the moment with lots of great deals. They have also recently run events where you can take damaged Clothing into store to have it repaired- think about the environmental impact of throwing things away!

3. Update your Playlists

Many of us love to listen to music on the mountain. Picture yourself on the chairlift, gazing out at the peaked landscape or the rush of wind as you fly down a piste and pick your tracks accordingly! I've been updating the Apres Ski playlist too- I eluded to how much we are missing Apres in my last post!

Here's my Playlist for On the Mountain:

And here is my Apres Ski Playlist- all of the feel good classics from 'post skiing entertainment':

While some might suggest watching Ski & Snowboard movies, I personally find that a bit torturous! At least if I am prepping for the mountains it makes it seem like something a bit closer and that it's advantageous in the long run. Can you think of any other ideas for how to get ready for the mountains? Send us a DM at @theriseguide on Insta.