• Megan

Mountain Girl x The Rise Guide

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I became familiar with the Mountaingirl brand during the Spring of 2019 when I was asked to DJ at a Yoga Event that they were running at l’Ouillette, on the top of the Solaise Mountain in Val d’Isère. I had visited the shop beforehand so knew about the gorgeous products and lovely staff, but when I was part of the event I realised that Mountaingirl is more than just a clothing shop.

The founder, Alice Escoffier, moved to Val d’Isere 8 years ago after working in Private Equity in Paris. Living in the mountains, Alice discovered “a new environnement - much more free from social conventions and ‘labels’” like she was used to in the City. “I was able to allow myself to become an entrepreneur, become creative and design my own fashion brand”. The Mountaingirl embodies the Free Spirit of the Mountains- not only the ‘outdoorsy’ side of it. “That’s the true spirit of the mountain for me: the free spirit.”

Above: Mountaingirl founder, Alice Escoffier

“I intend to share that free spirit with my community, to empower them to trust their feelings and be the person THEY want to be (vs the person they are supposed to be)”. As I stood watching the Yoga Class that day, I realised that the ‘Mountain Gang’ wasn’t only about enjoying a stylish aesthetic in the Alps, but about people being brought together for a shared appreciation of the mountains and the feelings that they evoke. To me, the group of people I was surrounded by were inclusive, respectful (of themselves and others) and motivated by the environment that they were in.

The clue is in the name, Mountaingirl, that the brand is mainly focused on women. Alice says, “obviously [the brand’s] empowerment is even more targeted towards women as we still have a long road ahead before we can free ourselves from society’s male dominance”. I personally can’t think of any brands in the Ski Industry world that share the same values as Mountaingirl and they aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd… together.

Translation: The Mountain Girl Girl Gang is the bunch of girls, women, sisters, girlfriends, colleagues who have finally realized that women are stronger and better TOGETHER than against each other. This is the sorority in all its glory and best of all.

Through and thanks to its community, its Gang, the brand engages with associations to change the struggles of women in society.


One of my favourite things about Mountaingirl is their ethics when it comes to the manufacturing of their products. When you are in the shop, you can really feel the quality of the items- in both the materials that they are made in and the thought that goes into the design.

Translation: MINI-SERIES MANUFACTURING In order not to overproduce and further damage the planet, Mountaingirl produces all products in mini-series. In addition, part of our model is based on sourcing existing fabrics - so we take what we find and if there are only a few meters ... well we only produce a few pieces!

Mountaingirl also has a beautiful range of ‘Mountain Guy’ products for the boys & men to be included in this thoughtfully considered brand. Take a look at the offerings in Val d’Isère store in this video from our visit (before the official opening) a few days ago. You can see products for Women, Men and Children including both Mountaingirl originals and collaborations.

You can find Mountaingirl stores in Val d’Isère and Megève, as well as online at www.mountaingirl.fr and @mountaingirl.fr