• Sasha

Merry Christmas!

The holidays are here and another year is coming to an end. What a year 2020 has been, right? Full of ups and downs and everything in between. We had ski resorts shut early, summer ripped away from us with lockdowns in our home countries and now no start date to the winter season in sight.

So, from both Megan and I, we wish you a Merry Christmas and good vibes in this festive period. I wish for everyone to be able to spend this period in the company of their loved ones (restrictions permitting of course) and to start the New Year in good spirits, unlike what 2020 has provided. 2020 was a tough year to say the least but it has also been a great lesson in many ways. I, personally, have found flaws I did not know I had and had the opportunity to work on them and be happier overall in life. I am ready to start 2021 on a positive note and hope that all of these dark periods are behind us and move forwards and upwards.

It has not been all bad though. Megan and I have had some incredible experiences this summer and we managed to get up to some very cool things to say the least. (You can find some highlights on her youtube channel - Megan Fernandez)

One of my favourite videos from this year is definitely our Sendy Saturday from Val d’Isere featuring our good friend Benny:

So, overall, I am definitely thankful for this year. It was tough and probably not ending in the way I would like it to (I normally spend NYE with my family and friends in Val d’Isere doing the thing we all love most - being in the mountains and sending it down the mountain) but I learned a lot about myself and still had a fun time doing it. Now it is time to kick back, enjoy the mems (as Megan likes to call memories) and enjoy a well deserved break supported by a few glasses of mulled wine (Gotta include the mountain spirit somehow) from a shut down London.

So again, Merry Christmas everyone and let’s start this New Year off with a load of positivity and good vibes! Can't wait to see all of you back on the slopes!