• Megan

Maison Chevallot

We recently popped to Chevallot with our cameras to try to capture and share with you one of the gems of Val d’Isère. ‘Maison Chevallot’ has 5 locations across Val d'Isère, Tignes and is truly in the heart & soul of Val. As they say, “Bread is a family story, it’s in our genes, the heart of our house”. Pretty much every Hotel, Chalet, Restaurant or other commercial establishment in the area is supplied their baked goods by Chevallot so they are completely ingrained (get it?) within the village. A family business, everything that they do is of the best quality.

I’m very excited to share with you the interview that I did with Martin Chevallot, some photos and the video edit from the visit.

So how long have you been running Chevallot?

For the family, it started 55 years ago in 1965 with my grandparents. After, my parents took over and now me. For me personally, it’s going to be my 6th winter in Val d’Isère.

What training did you do?

I did a Bachelors of Hospitality and Food & Beverage Management. After I did an internship more in Bakery and Pastry in a few different places including Paris. After that I came back here and we opened the two shops in Tignes.

What’s Chevallot’s speciality product?

We have many specialities! It depends what you like… in pastry we are famous for the blueberry tart (Tarte aux Myrtilles), some chocolate cakes too. We’ve got the Jambon-Beurre which is a Ham & Beaufort Cheese sandwich- kind of like a Danish. We have different danishes…

What’s the thing that English customers buy the most?

Lemon Tart with Meringue- English people love the Lemon tart! They also love to buy chocolate to bring back as gifts. They love Croissants and simple things but really, they love to try everything.

Do you have any funny stories about anything that has happened at Chevallot?

We’ve got so many. In the mornings especially. We open at 6 in the morning so in the winter we have many people who come just after partying. So many stories from that… like people falling asleep on the table thinking that they’re in their room. That happens a lot and it’s pretty funny.

Where’s the best place for everyone to find information about Chevallot?

We’ve got a lot of information on Social Media- Instagram, Facebook. On Google and the Website we have the opening hours of the shop. We are open almost every day of the year so it’s quite easy to find us.

I can’t wait to have the fresh orange juice from Chevallot again! It’s sunshine in a bottle. You have to pay them a visit next time you’re in the area.