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Interview: Dan Bullock of TwoSevenMedia

I caught up with the extremely talented videographer, Dan Bullock, to talk about his first Winter Season in Val d’Isere. I met Dan properly last winter when I asked him to film the New Years Eve Party at Dicks Tea Bar. This guy enjoys Apres Ski almost as much as he enjoys being on the mountain and his Ski Edits are not to be missed. This guy is definitely talent on the rise- you heard it here first.

M: How many seasons have you done and where have you done them?

D: One in Val d’Isere- last season was my first one and I was 18. I’m only 19 now and going back (hopefully) this winter.

M: Talk us through your experience of working in the mountains.

D: It’s a different life. It’s so fun to be able to ski and have the mountains right on your doorstep. In a Season there’s so many people all in the same boat. You meet so many new people and you all do the same things which is cool. There’s loads of people from around the world who do seasons. 

My original plan last winter was to go without a job and walk around with my CV but I got in touch with Ollie (Head bus boy at Coco’s) before I went out [to Val d’Isere] and he sorted me with a job. I got some Cash to live on and then tried it out with the video and creating content. 

M: Can you tell us one of your wildest stories from a season?

D: *Laughs*

I was with some friends and we went for a Pit Party one night in the season. One guy used to work there [a Chalet in Val d’Isere that closed down at the beginning of 2019] so he knew the codes to get in and for the electric etc. Upstairs there was a pool table and stuff. We had some beers and one guy was DJing.

When the lockdown was announced we decided to have a big one on the last night of the Season, so we put the info on a group chat and got all of the seasonnaires down to the Pit.

We broke in and after a bit there were a few hundred people. It was crazy. I walked in on two sets of people shagging. People were doing everything you can think of in the bedrooms and then a few people started throwing plates around downstairs. It turned into a French Techno Rave- loads of French psychedelic shit. All the British and Aussie Seasonnaires got a bit freaked out to be honest. 

At the end of the party I was walking home about 5am. We heard that there was an afterparty in one of the Hotels that had already closed so we walked there. A delivery guy put the code in the door to let us in and we tried to find the Hot Tub that we’d heard about. Couldn’t find the Hot Tub or an afterparty, but got into the bar and poured ourselves some beers. Also found some leftover steak... so I ate that. We stayed until 6/7am and then walked home. Then we slept until midday and woke up to news that we had to be out of the resort by 6pm so booked a taxi for 4:30pm. In the end we had 4 hours to pack all of our stuff from the Season and the clean apartment.

Another story is that I worked at Doudoune [nightclub] on NYE until 7am. Then me and my mate Jack went to Petit Danois for breakfast. When we arrived the party still going strong so we joined in and got f*cked up with everyone else. We didn’t get any food there so we went to Chevallot (Bakery) at 9am to get breakfast. It was so bad because all of the tourists were fresh and going to ski whereas we were just an absolute mess.

M: What are your top tips for someone going to the mountains in winter- either on a holiday or to work?

D: To work...

• Go out with a mindset of being open to meet anyone. You will meet loads of new people really quickly. 

• You don’t need to be able to ski before you go- you’ll learn in the Season . 

• It’s something different to an Ibiza/Summer season. It’s so much better because you can Ski as well as have the party vibe.

• Go to Coco’s instead of Folie! If you can make it from Coco’s through to the end of Dicks [Tea Bar] or Doudoune, then fair play.

For everyone:

• Don’t hit the black on La Face on an icy day. 

• OK Orange from the top of Olympic down to La Daille is the best run.

D: If you’re working and don’t know anyone don’t worry. I didn’t know anyone when I first got there so I just wondered around- a friend recommended that I go to Val, so I did. Just go to a Bar and you’ll meet people. When I put my first Instagram video up, loads of people saw it so I got approached by people saying that they had seen it and that set me up really well (socially) for the season.

M: What do you think Winter 2020/21 will be like?

D: For me it will be all about progression on the filming and the riding. The Bar/Apres vibe to 10pm would be pretty good if it does happen- I’m usually done by then anyway! [Dan has been known to fall asleep in Bars more than once.] 

A big goal for the season is to film some Pros. Get a bigger name and more exposure. I’ve got some friends in Verbier and Les Arcs so will visit them to film too. We’ll see what winter brings! It’s gonna be different but it’ll be good- better than england anyway.

I think it will be less busy with English tourists but a lot more French. I don’t know what it’ll be like with Seasonnaires because of the Chalet companies and stuff. 

M: How can people find your work and get in contact with you?

D: The best way is on Instagram, either @twosevenmedia or my personal one is @dan.bullock (for action).

My Youtube is TwoSevenMedia (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-PpgmUWKXbKpqY-JeBbz7Q

Get in contact with Dan for all of your videography needs- whether it’s Brand Promotion or making a Ski Edit.