• Sasha

Goggles for Docs: A way that you can help during the pandemic

This year has been pretty hectic for all of us and many of us unfortunately still have no plans to go shredding this winter, due to both the pandemic and Brexit delays. On a brighter note, there have been many great causes popping up around the world that our community can subscribe to. One of these causes us the Goggles for Docs program.

Goggles for Docs was originally started in the US and has since spread to the UK. It was set up in order to provide a solution for the serious lack of PPE available for Front Line workers. Those supporting the cause have donated goggles, which will then be used by NHS workers, who can use the goggles as a PPE source of protection.

The project seems to have lost some momentum for now due to the fact that all hospitals are now well equipped with professional PPE but this has definitely been a fun and creative use for your old goggles and has definitely helped all the medical staff that have been working tirelessly since the outbreak of the pandemic.

P.S. The US website (https://gogglesfordocs.com/) is still showing that there are more goggles needed in order to meet the requirements and you can also contact the UK branch of the cause (https://www.gogglesfordocs.co.uk/) if you have some unwanted ones lying around!