• Sasha

Day in the life in Val d'Isere

Since the 4th of January I have been spending time in a ski resort called Val d’Isere. I am one of those lucky ones that have been able to get out before any of the restrictions due to Covid and Brexit took place and have been enjoying my time here. In this blog post I will try to show you what an average day here looks like.

I usually wake up at around 8am and it’s straight away coffee time. Coffee helps me wake up properly and helps me start my day off on the right foot and full of energy. While having the coffee, I sit next to the window and look at the conditions. This helps me decide what I will be doing for the day. There are a few options currently - go touring, go to the small snowpark or stay home and work on my laptop. It also helps me realise how lucky I am to be in this place and able to enjoy what it has to offer. Once the coffee is done, it is time for a shower and get ready for the day ahead.

As already mentioned, what I do in the day depends on the conditions. If the weather is bad i.e. flatlight, wind, heavy snowfall or any other reason, I will choose to stay home and do various bits and bobs on my laptop. Especially during a heavy snowfall, it is really cozy to just sit at the desk, look out of the window and see all the beautiful snowflakes falling onto the ground. On the good days, I try to get up on the mountain in some form. Touring has been a new experience for me and I have posted a blog explaining about my experiences with it. You can find it here: https://www.theriseguide.com/post/my-touring-experiences. In short, I have really enjoyed it as fitness has never been my strong point but pushing myself to reach the top and then having the reward of getting to ride down has been an incredible experience.

Another thing I like to do is go to the little snowpark that has been built at the bottom of the famous La Face de Bellevarde

This snowpark consists of a line of a box and 3 kickers or a line of 4 boxes with a hip feature at the bottom. There is also an air bag that you can practice your tricks into, which is not featured on the picture, but you need to pay in order to go on it. This makes for a fun park set up that allows riders of all levels to practice tricks that they have been wanting to. The jumps are not big and can therefore be taken by anyone no matter what the level is and the boxes are fairly easy and can be done with careful understanding of the way to do it. I have been going to this park at least once per week and have been having a great time. I have been trying to learn new grabs and new spin variations on the jumps and just overall improving my feeling on boxes. There are a few of us that go there each time and it makes for a fun time as we joke around at the top and give each other different trick ideas to try and push our levels. The only downside to this park is that you have to hike up every time you hit it but the way I see it is that we at least have a way to hit some jumps and that is enough for me.

After riding, everyone usually meets up either on the snow front or in the centre of town in order to have a takeaway drink and just socialise before having to go home for curfew. It is a nice feeling when you get to see some of your mates in person and have a drink with them and brings a bit of normality to these crazy Covid times. We chat about the day or the lines we rode that day and just goof around before usually rushing to the supermarket before it closes. The curfew in France is currently from 18.00 until 06.00 and therefore we stay home between those hours. I often either spend that time on the computer catching up on some things or catching up with friends via either FaceTime or regular phone calls. In all honesty, I am getting a little bit tired of the 18.00 curfew as I feel it is a little early but those are the rules and we have to follow them in order to be able to keep the amazing conditions that we have in town.

At some point in the evening, I will cook myself some food and stick a movie or TV series on in the background in order to have some background noise. The dinners have sometimes turned out quite odd due to the lack of food in the fridge as I had not made it to the supermarket before it closed on that day but it has been a fun experience trying to put something together. After dinner, it is usually more laptop and movie time or catching up with some more friends before heading to bed around 23.00 in order to get a good nights’ sleep and do it all over again the next day.

Hope you enjoyed my daily life in Val d’Isere and please do not hesitate to get in touch to let me know what you would do differently if you were here!