• Megan

Best places to get Ski News

Obviously we talk about Headlines in the Industry and other talking points that catch our eye, but there are a few organisations that really have their finger on the pulse when it comes to what is going on in the snow sports world. Obviously TRG is based in Val d'Isère d'Isère, so some of these picks are more relevant to Val and France but most are internationally applicable. Here are the places that I regularly for Snow News.

Best for General News: PlanetSKI


Planet Ski have been doing regular Covid updates as well as sharing how the pandemic & restrictions are affecting businesses within the Industry. They also share news from the competitive world, weather/avalanches and lifestyle pieces such as reviews & recommendations. I really like how they present their articles and it doesn't seem biased at all. They keep the website very up to date and I've learned a lot from it.

Best for Industry News: Boardsport Source


I first became aware of Boardsport Source when a printed copy of it landed on my desk in the Marketing department back when I worked at Animal. I have no idea if it even gets printed anymore, but it remains to be a great online publication for anyone with a dedicated interest in the industry. It's not just for those who work in the Action Sports world as they share new releases of products, films and other things. Although not specific to Ski & Snowboarding (they also cover Surf and Skate), this definitely is one of the most interesting sources for info and where you can find lots of the news first.

Must be Mentioned: Snow Industry News


I've personally never really used this site, but it deserves an honourable mention because of its' name! Their categories of news include:

• People

• Companies

• Places

• Gear

• Tech

• Competitive

•Other (which looks like Industry News, Trade Show News and Pandemic related reports)

I'll be saving this one to my bookmarks to check out in future as they seem super informed and the minimalist style website design is pretty good.

National News: France 24


France24 is the English Speaking News Network in France. They stream live on Youtube which makes it really easy to access. I'm sure that there are equivalents for other European countries where English is not the first language. Being able to fully understand what was going on (my French isn't the best) with the lockdowns and restrictions has been so useful and easy thanks to them.

France24 has been reporting the latest decisions of the French government that are relevant to the Ski Industry as well as Brexit and Travel Restrictions which affect anyone living in or wishing to visit France from the UK during these crazy times.

Local News: Radio TV Val d'Isère


The legends a Radio TV Val d'Isère keep the website and radio up to date with all of the village news. They're also the best place to check if there are any safety restrictions in place as they do regular updates.

The larger Ski Resorts or regions have their own equivalents but Radio Val d'Isère has a special place in my heart as I used to do a show on a Sunday night with Caitlin and Jim! I know that many of their listeners are not actually in Val d'Isère d'Isère. Listening to their shows allows people to be transported to the snowy paradise through the airwaves :)

Funny: Jerry of the Day


This instagram account has some of the best chaos on the internet, sent in from Ski Resorts around the world. If this is more your style of news, then I recommend a follow for this account.